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The life and adventures of Giacomo Casanova, the first modern latin lover

To make a story good, you need to set its background straight. So, think of Venice. Not that of today, of course, but rather that of the 18th century...
The town of Barolo among rolling hills with vineyards in Piedmont, Italy.— Photo by olgysha

Wine and Food of Piemonte: A Talk with Author Tom Hyland

It’s been often said that it takes a village to raise a child. One could assert the same about an education in wine and food … getting one takes a...
Cozze alla marchigiana. This simple and fast dish is unusual in its use of saffron

Cozze alla Marchigiana

I was in the Pacific Northwest recently visiting family and as usual, I was amazed at the abundance of fresh local seafood available in the local...
Pienza, a very beautiful place on earth, one of the wonders of the world inscribed by UNESCO— Photo by Jaromatik.

Pienza, a Renaissance Pope’s Utopian City

Imagine you have all the money in the world. Imagine you have all the space you want. Imagine you have the power to build anything you want, anywhere...

Celebrating National Italian American Heritage Month

Between 1820 and 1992 over five and a half million Italians left their homes to make new lives in the United States of America. They were following...
Glass artist in his workshop in Venice : making glass beads in traditional style.— Photo by Elf+11

The magical world of Venetian glass bead making

Murano glassmakers created Gallileo’s first telescope lenses. They decorated the palaces of Europe with their breathtaking chandeliers and glittering...

Discovering Castel del Monte, Apulia’s Greatest Enigma

Built around 1240 by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and located on a plateau near the Apulian city of Andria, Castel del Monte is one of the...
Professor Filareto in Rossano, Calabria

From Calabria, Back to Calabria: Old and New Migrations Explained by Professor Francesco Filareto

Fifteen years was the time of an investigation around the migrations of the Calabrese people. The final thoughts and insights can now be found in a...
Portrait of Giovanni Belzoni, “the Great Belzoni” by Jan Adam Kruseman (Haarlem, 1804-1862)

The explorers you did not expect: little known Italian men of adventure

Thinking of Italian explorers means thinking chiefly of three names: Cristoforo Colombo, Marco Polo and Amerigo Vespucci. Of course, there are many...

Feeling Italian with Columbus Day and Heritage Month

Is it fair to say that we live through memories? Partly yes, because we formulate our entire lives in a chronological sequence that accumulates and...

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