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Former teacher, editor, marketing manager and freelance writer, now Seattle's Rebecca Novelli can add first-time novelist to the list

Author and artist Rebecca Novelli paints a story of forgiveness and hope

With a gifted musician for a grandfather and an opera singer for an uncle, it’s no surprise that Rebecca Novelli chose an artistic path. A California...
Display at Florence’s Museum of Zoology and Natural History (La Specola)

The weird and wonderful collection of La Specola, Florence’s strangest museum

The influence of the powerful Medici dynasty can be seen everywhere in Florence. Palazzo Vecchio was once the home of the Medici; the Uffizi Gallery...
Original lamb and eggplant meatball, without peel, close-up. | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Meatballs and Memories in a Cape Cod Kitchen

“ I was still young when my life changed…. drastically. Shortly after midnight one Saturday… the smell of smoke awakened me. I ran to my mother’s bed...
Luca Vullo with some of his students. Photo:  patrizia Scilla

Exploring Italian Culture and Body Language with Producer Luca Vullo

Producer, filmmaker, cultural ambassador, speaker, Italian gestures expert…Luca Vullo is a man possessed with a perpetual smile - and with a love of...
Vine-growers (viticoltori)) keep a close eye on their vines (viti) to determine when the grapes are ready for harvest (vendemmiabile) — Photo by giorgio.pulcini

Autumn in Italy – and in Italian

A utumn is my favorite season in Italy – not just for the mild days and starry nights, but also for the centuries of history embedded in the Italian...
Mantua: Sailing the Oglio River

Mantua: Sailing the Oglio River

A slow tour by bike and by boat nearby Mantua. Go along the banks of the river Po by bike and reach the boat bridge over the river Oglio. Then let’s...
 Montegrotto SPA: Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Montegrotto SPA: Earth, Water, Fire and Air

We are in Montegrotto at the Grand Hotel Terme, a very famous SPA centre in the north of Italy, in the region Veneto for a Slow Tour in the wellness...
Mantua: the Olympic Theater of Sabbioneta

Mantua: the Olympic Theater of Sabbioneta

The city of Sabbioneta (Mantua) was designed and built by the Duke Vespasiano Gonzaga Colonna. Here stands the Olympic Theatre, the first theatre...
The legend of the Human Chess Game dates back to 1454 when Marostica belonged to the Venetian Republic. Crediti: PH STUDIO BOZZETTO

Check mate! Playing life sized chess in Marostica

Chess is a fascinating game of strategy, tactics and mental power. And nowhere is it played out on a grander scale than in Marostica, northern Italy...
The Torre degli Asinelli and the Garisenda Tower (48 meters tall). Photo by scrisman

A View from the Two Leaning Towers of Bologna

Everybody knows about the leaning tower in Pisa, but how many people have ever noticed that Bologna has two of them and that they are even older? In...
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - A 1918 promotional postcard showing (from left), drummer TonySbarbaro (aka Tony Spargo), trombonist Edwin "Daddy" Edwards, cornetist Dominick James"Nick" LaRocca, clarinetist Larry Shields, and pianist Henry Ragas

Sicily, trumpets and brass bands: how Italian-Americans have made the history of Jazz

Not many may know it, but musicians of Italian descent left an indelible mark in the history of Jazz. Jazz, the rebellious lovechild of ragtime and...

The Chef behind the brand: the true face and life of Ettore Boiardi

Most of you probably know him better as “ Chef Boyardee ,” the name and face behind a popular brand of Italian style canned foods. Established in...

Introducing L’Italo-Americano ambassador to the Saint Francis Pilgrimage 2016

Elizabeth Key, a young traveler and globetrotter who just moved from Los Angeles, California, to London, UK will be representing L’Italo-Americano...
Professor Frank Chindamo. Photo Courtesy of F. Chindamo

Learn from the top authority in “advertainment,” Professor Frank Chindamo

T he story of Frank Chindamo’s grandparents, who, in the 1920’s, emigrated from Cinquefrondi, a village in the Aspromonte (in Calabria, region of...
Italian explorer Alessandro Malaspina, flying under the Spanish flag, explored the Northwest coast during his expedition of 1789-1793

Alessandro Malaspina: Early explorer of the Pacific Northwest coast

Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci might be famous for their early explorations of the New World, yet another Italian adventurer who commanded...


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