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Contributions should be sent to us electronically. Other methods are possible – but only in exceptional circumstances.

All contributor submissions are subject to review and editing by ItaloAmericano.com, if accepted, posted within 5 business days. We do not censor content but check for factual accuracy and grammar. Submissions must adhere to the ItaloAmericano.com editorial guidelines.

L’Italo-Americano will retain the copyright of any material submitted and published unless guidelines referencing the content submitted were previously discussed with the author/contributor.

Before you start submitting articles, calendar events, and slideshow images, please read our Submission Guidelines. They describe the kinds of content our editors will accept on ItaloAmericano.com website.

Photographs, Manuscripts and Artwork sent to our office, even if not used, will not be returned.

These guidelines apply to all content submitted to ItaloAmericano.com. ItaloAmericano.com editors may decline your submission if it does not follow all guidelines. You can always contact us if you’re unclear about any guidelines or communication you receive from us, but guidelines are interpreted at editors’ discretion.

Products and Services Sold Through italoamericano.org

L’Italo-Americano acts only and exclusively as a booking agent for third party’s (principal) services and products. This website presents offers, products, events, courses linked to other online sources, the maintenance and control of which does not depend on us.

When buying a principal’s service or product, the purchase is controlled by the principal’s regulations: please make sure to review them when carrying out transactions through our website.   Conditions of purchase, and all relevant regulations and restrictions imposed by the principal, must be respected by the customer.

Therefore L’Italo-Americano disclaims any responsibility for losses and damages, including — but not being limited to — cancellations, delays, missed travel connections, and all forms of issues potentially associated with the purchase  — or attempt to purchase  — any ticket or other travel-based product or service.

The same is true for all other products or services made available by the principals’ websites. In respect to all acts regulated by a principal — warranties, omissions, negligence, errors — L’Italo-Americano does not have any responsibility.

Market Place Third Party Services.

L’Italo-Americano Market Place will make available to its visitor’s links to other websites, services, or resources on the Internet. When you access third party resources advertised on L’ItaloAmericano MarketPlace, you do so at your own risk.

These resources made available through L’ItaloAmericano website are not under our control, and you acknowledge that we are not responsible or liable for the content, functions, accuracy, legality, appropriateness, or any other aspect of such websites or resources. The insertion of any such link implies neither an endorsement nor an association between us and their enterprise.

Customers will be dealing directly with the sellers, their associates, or service providers for the overall transaction/purchase/signup/ process. L’Italo Americano is not responsible for any of the purchases of the products/services available in its marketplace. 

Furthermore, any responsibility or liability, direct or indirect, including payments, sales, deliveries, product defects, malfunctioning, non-matching descriptions, damage or loss of merchandise caused by the use of any such content, goods, or services available on or through any such website or resources, shall not fall under the responsibility of L’Italo-Americano.