Simone Mina, bar manager of Ch 18 87, the cocktail bar of the historic restaurant Checchino dal 1887 in Rome, Italy

(inspired by the TV series ‘The New Pope’, by Paolo Sorrentino, 2019)

BARMAN: Simone Mina, bar manager of Ch 18 87, the cocktail bar of the historic restaurant Checchino dal 1887 in Rome, Italy

3 cl VII Hills Italian Dry Gin
3 cl Bitter Rouge White
3 cl Dry Vermouth
Vaporization of Sancta Sanctorum bitter (incense dye)

Glass: Martini cup
Garnish: chives


With the stir & strain technique, pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with ice cubes. Then mix with a barspoon and, after cooling and dilution, pour the drink into a previously cooled Martini cup. Spray the incense dye on the drink and garnish with a chive on the edge of the glass.


This cocktail pays homage to a great twist of the Negroni, called “The Cardinal”, created in Rome in the Sixties, during the Dolce Vita period. Playing with ingredients and color the thought goes to a twist-of-twist. The natural evolution of a Cardinal is to become Pope, so the cocktail undresses with cardinal color and assumes the candid, white papal color. White in the world of drinks is transparent and, playing with the colors and the lexicon of the cocktails, the cocktail “masks” Cardinal as Martini, also paying homage to the series by Paolo Sorrentino released in the early 2020, in which the Pope, interpreted by Jude Law, is added to that of John Malkovich. Who is the Negroni and who is the Martini? To those who taste the arduous choice, in the meantime the wish is to enjoy these two drinks in one, “New Pope”, which is born in the Capital.

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