Italy's Earthquake: The "Casa Italia" Plan
One the buildings that collapsed
As reported by Italian newspapers, Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi announced the so-called “Casa Italia” (Home Italy) plan, for earthquake and other natural disaster risk prevention.
The PM said the country needs a far-reaching overhaul of its architecture in highly seismic areas: reducing risk to zero is “unrealistic,” however “We will never be able to block nature, so why not change our mentality and work together on a project that will keep our family and our home safer? This is what the ‘Home Italy’ project is about”.
“The fact that we have been unable to get a coordinated, strategic prevention project off the ground for the past 70 years means this won’t be an easy challenge… but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try,” the premier continued. “This is a long-term project that will take years, even a couple of generations to complete, as… (architect) Renzo Piano told me yesterday,” Renzi wrote.
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