Lo staff dell'Italo-Americano darà un contributo al Mese della Cultura Italiana che si celebra in ottobre
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Cari Lettori,
This year is coming to an end, and with this Special Edition preceding Christmas festivities we want to thank, once again, our loyal subscribers and our readers,  constantly increasing in number, who also follow L’Italo-Americano online.
Since January, you have accompanied us in this long journey through the Year of the Italian Culture in the United States, rediscovering many aspects of the Italian heritage that we often bring with us – and inside us – sometimes without even realizing it and that, as Italian Americans, we pass on to our families and our community daily.
We have placed emphasis on stories of  recent or past immigration, stories of famous or common people who arrived in America and gradually integrated in the American society. We have celebrated the American Dream, which has often meant – and still means – personal and professional success thanks to greater opportunities that people can’t find in Italy.
At the same time, we have given much attention to the current news from Italy both in the Italian and English Sections, to contemporary expressions of the Italian culture and society in the fields of cinema, arts, sports, as well as in the high-standard business, cultural, and scientific environment of the adopted country, the U.S.A.
I’m really excited to let you all know that recently we introduced four new columns: “All Around Italy” a travel column featuring advice for destinations around Italy including hotels, restaurants, and vacation tips. “Le Pasquinate” the new approach by Anthony Di Renzo to Italian politics and history.
La Settima Arte” (The Seventh Art), featuring biography, career highlights, movie industry news, and film reviews. “Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors” a monthly column that deals with uncovering information about immigrant ancestors from US Censuses and passenger manifests, determining their “original” Italian names, and finding their ancestral towns. Lastly, we introduced a fashion column available on our site, highlighting trends, collections and news among the most famous iconic Italian fashion designers.
Our online presence is growing faster than we could ever imagine and we have  reached now 100,000 unique visits a month and 25,000 pages of content, a milestone considering the site has only been launched less than a year ago. We encourage you to browse the many thousands pages of articles we produce every week, support your favorite publication, your loyalty is the most precious gift to us. Subscribing to the digital representation of L’Italo-Americano will not only support our mission but it will also support the journalistic enterprise and the in depth original news coverage that has been a trademark for L’Italo-Americano since 1908.
Week after week, our project would like to focus on helping our readers to enhance their knowledge of past and present Italy and of our language, not only for its role in our historical heritage but also as a constant incentive for personal growth.
The more the Italian community will be able to preserve those peculiar features that make Italians unique, different from all other people, and yet capable of appreciating foreign cultures and easily adapting to the American life, the more it will remain authentically Italian.
This becomes more and more important as time goes by, as geographical and familiar roots fade away into the past, as the young generations lose contact with their parents’, grandparents’, or great-grandparents’ native land.
Losing “biodiversity” would be an impoverishment and detrimental for all of us Italians, Italian Americans, and Americans.
I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a joyful 2014.

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