This Saturday, December 15, Sherman Oaks –one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles- will host the first American exhibit of icons by Paola Maria Savoia.

Italian artist Paola Maria Savoia was born in Genoa in 1960. As her last name suggests, she belongs to the illegitimate branch of the noble and ancient Savoia family, which used to be the former kings of Italy until 1946. When she was only ten she started to show a deep interest in painting and art, which led her to participate to small exhibits and local events.
From art to art, from painting to fashion; Paola decides to start a business career, and at the age of 30 she is the manager of over thirty Fashion Schools all over the world (Italy, Morocco, Korea, Japan…). In 2001, the decision to leave the Fashion School business to become a film and TV producer, without ever forgetting her passion for set and costume design.

Paola Maria Savoia

She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she moved in 2010 along with her family to pursue a career as a producer. A business world, not very creative, that Paola compensate with her devotion to art. During the years she has silently refined her painting techniques by studying with profound dedication the most important artists, blending different techniques and tools, in order to develop a personal artistic identity that immediately capture the eye of the viewer.
The oil combined with sienna… warm and austere dominant colors… ocher, purple, brown… all emphasize the deep and sorrowful intensity of the eyes and the faces, as if those figures were captured in a moment of revelation, revelation of all the love and suffering of a life.
Each expression is like sculpted in its intimate fragility, through elementary but rigorous shapes, ancient and primordial, but also fresh, thanks to an innate softness.
Someone called Paola a Spiritual Painter… a very much appropriate definition of this artist and her work.
Her paintings will be on view at Aum & Garden, 13363 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA, starting December 15 at 5:00pm. The opening will see the participation of renowned artists of the L.A. area. Visitors will enjoy an elegant atmosphere, new age music and Italian wine and food.

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