With Botticelli's Map of Hell, the painter created a whole new form of artistic expression, a visual continuum that was well ahead of its time and which may be considered a distant ancestor of the modern comic strip

Botticelli, Inferno: A New Film Unveils the Missing Link

Even though Dante Alighieri lived more than a century and a half before the Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli, the two of them seem to be linked...

Alexia Melocchi and her old-time studio system in miniature

Alexia Melocchi, native of Milan, Italy, spent her teenage years in Los Angeles and, at a very young age, crossed the gateway to Hollywood. Since...
he two-part series "Francesco - Il Papa Della Gente" is a gift to the Holy Father on the occasion of his 80th

Italian TV production on Pope Francis goes international

With unprecedented cooperation from people who knew and worked with Jorge Mario Bergoglio, film director Daniele Luchetti offers a thoughtful,...
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Open Air Cinema: Coming Soon to a Piazza or Pool Near You

Sandcastles, sightseeing, sunflowers, spiaggia, sandali, sole, Sardinia, Sicily. Summer in Italy is famous for many things, but box office cinema is...

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