Olive oil

All About Italian Olive Oil: The Good, the Bad and the Amazing (Part 3)

All About Italian Olive Oil: The Good, the Bad and the Amazing (Part 4)

What is the Difference Between All Those Names? The "pressed" method means that no heat or chemical additives were used to extract the oil from the...
Olive Oil: the Good and the Bad

All About Italian Olive Oil: The Good, the Bad and the Amazing (Part 2)

Is What We Buy Fake Extra Virgin? If the recent 60 Minutes report entitled Agromafia is to be believed, the Mafia in Italy is taking cheap North...
Olie Oil (Part 1)

All About Italian Olive Oil: The Good, the Bad and the Amazing (Part 1)

As a boy, olives were one of my favorite things. I especially loved black olives. I'd eat them at holidays, but I'd also have them for snacks. I...
Only the juice of the olive fruit that is extracted by pressing, not by chemical extraction, and which doesn't exceed 1% of acidity can be called extra virgin olive oil

Ushering in the New Year With Italian Olive Oil

Olive oil lovers are glad to put the old year behind them. Between drought and disease, the 2014 olive harvest was catastrophic for Italy—the worst...
Vincent Ricchiuti (R) with his father Pat Ricchiuti (L). Photo credit: James Collier.

The Renaissance of California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

California olive oil producers are hard at work these days, with the olive harvest season currently under way. An unprecedented production of 4...
Master norcino Marcello Mamusa making sausages at Fattoria Luchetti farm and butchery in Collazzone, Umbria. | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales, 2015

Eating Autumn With Masters of Sausage, Alchemists of Wine

Every Italian region has its harvest rituals that make quick and tasty use of the foods of the season. Umbria, lush land of endless vineyards and...

"You, Me & Sicily": 100% Sicilian Liquid Gold

On this episode we take you to Partanna and Castelvetrano in the Province of Trapani to meet the Asaro family and visit their 100% Sicilian, organic...
Orietta Gianjorio

Passionate Italian taster brings knowledge to consumers

“I am most passionate about bringing my knowledge [of tasting] to consumers, “said an enthusiastic Orietta Gianjorio, a native Italian from Rome,...
Adele and Salvatore at their stand at Milan Expo

From Sicily to Expo, how local products promote the land’s identity and heritage: Adele Giaconia and the Villa Colonna Olive Oil

A bridge between the past and the present, keeping the history and looking at innovation: this is the path some Sicilian farmers are following in the...
Puglia and Olive Oil: An Ancient Relationship!

Puglia and Olive Oil: An Ancient Relationship!

Did You Know that More Olive Oil Comes from Puglia than from Any Other Region in Italy? Puglia’s relationship with olive trees dates back 2700 years...

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