Italian wine

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea
Grignolino, Etna Rosso and Bardolino, lighter high acidic wines that pair better with food

Three Italian Reds for Changing Times

A millennial fellow speaking about his interest in wine: Him : “I’ll drink anything, man, but I’m all about the reds.” Me : “Cool. What do you look...
Biscotti di Nero d’Avola

Olive Oil and Wine - A Very Nice Cookie

For an afternoon snack, an accompaniment to an after-dinner glass of wine, or tidbits for surprise guests, these biscotti are perfect. Not too sweet...
Ginevra Venerosi, principal and winemaker at Tenuta di Ghizzano

One-on-One with Tuscan Winemaker Ginevra Venerosi

I recently caught up with award-winning Tuscan winemaker Ginevra Venerosi at a local New York trattoria to taste and talk about the wines of her...
Since 1961 until today Braida has been the amplified and faithful image of the philosophy of Giacomoand Anna, their prospect of life, earth, wine and friendship

Giacomo Bologna, “the King of the Must” who changed the history of La Barbera wine

If you ever looked for some information about La Barbera wine on the internet, the first association you may have found regards the Piedmont region...
Diego Meraviglia

Diego Meraviglia and the secrets of Italian wine

Having grown up in an area in Italy bountiful in vineyards, Diego Meraviglia has made a successful career as a sommelier. After beginning as an...
Another successful full house for Vino California 2015

Vino California: the leading Italian wine showcase on the West Coast

On May 12th, a grand celebration of the best wine varietals from across the Italian peninsula took place at Valentino restaurant in Santa Monica...
The entrance of the Pavillon at Expo

Vino - A taste of Italy: for the first time, Italian wine shows up in a world fair

For the first time in history, Italian wine has been represented with a pavilion of its own at a world fair. The wine pavilion, called Vino - A Taste...