Italian roots

From the left: Cosimo Lucchese, James Stewart, Willie William, Goetz, RJ ODonnel. Photo courtesy Lucchese Boots

Western Boots with Italian Roots: The Lucchese Boot Company

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly...and any Texan worth his or her braggin’ rights has gotta own a pair of mighty fine cowboy boots. Ask any Lone Star...
Professional Genealogist Mary Tedesco

Tracing your Italian Ancestry with Mary Tedesco

If it were not for her nonna, Mary Tedesco would not be doing the work she is doing today: helping people from around the world find their Italian...
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Time Spent with a Legend: Conversations with Lawrence Ferlinghetti

What does one talk about when speaking with a legend? How often does one have the opportunity to speak with an icon of San Francisco’s North Beach...