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Panettone, a cake living between history and legend which has lovers and detractors, but never fails to appear on Italian tables during this time of the year

The – buttery and delicious – history of panettone, Italy’s own Christmas cake

A Christmas without panettone is barely a Christmas in Italy: loathed or loved, the Milanese born sweet loaf is something everyone has in the kitchen...
Frappe with Powdered Sugar. | Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2015

For Christmas: Angels’ Wings On A Platter

Many holiday foods, sweets in particular, are imbued with symbolic meaning, making anyone preparing them feel a connection to his or her tribe or...
Roasted basil salmon on a bed of fennel and tomato

Favorite Fish Recipes for Your Christmas Eve Feast

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a big deal in our family. Although the origins of this feast are somewhat mired in controversy, it is a holiday that...