Podere Case Lovara at Punta Mesco, Levanto, A Farm Located Within the Cinque Terre National Park
Podere Case Lovara a Punta Mesco SP, panoramica, foto di Davide Marcesini 2016 © Archivio FAI
Having completed the first phase of the restoration of the buildings and the historic rural landscape in June of 2016,  with the support of Fondazione Zegna, FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust for Italy) is proud to open to the public Podere Case Lovara at Punta Mesco, Levanto (SP): 45 hectares of farmland including three rural buildings, located in an area of the countryside with great cultural value,  within the Cinque Terre National Park – a Site of Community Importance and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – on the path that links Levanto to Monterosso. 
The uniqueness of Podere Case Lovara lies not only in the fascinating beauty of its clifftop position, but also in the experimental model being applied to the regeneration project and in the commitment to ensuring the productivity of a landscape that for centuries has shouldered the imprint of mankind on a natural setting that requires the highest possible level of protection.

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