The Milano fashion week was held on 18 September / 23 September 2013

The fashion shows in Milan, Italy are never to be missed, and that is why everyone – from stylists, to editors to fashionistas – fly in from all over the globe to see just what the Italians are up to. And as usual, some of the biggest names in fashion did not disappoint. Even though the weather outside was hot and sticky, inside, autumn was in full swing as models sauntered down the runways in coats, boots and jackets.
During la settimana della moda (Milan Fashion week), the year’s most anticipated fashion season brought an array of looks. From mosaic inspired dresses, to modern punk with a fresh twist to global chic, each collection was unique. Let’s take a look at what some of the best Italians designers brought to the fashion table this year and check out the top trends of 2013.
The Super Duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana perhaps gave the most original and opulent collection of the season. Wearing gold jeweled crowns, lanky models with beautiful china doll faces glided down the runways in almost dream like state. Rich sensual jewels, iridescent golden shoes, while their dresses, adorned with angels and faces of royal figures, proved to be some of Dolce and Gabbana’s most eye catching pieces.
The feel was regal, while the inspiration for this collection seemed to be straight from the portals of ancient Italian cathedrals. The result: Ethereal, and stunning. The massive ornate crosses worn as earrings and necklaces will probably make a comeback from the days of singer Madonna, while the use of gold, jewels, fresco inspired art, and the most delicate embroidery makes this collection not just beautiful to watch but truly awe inspiring.

When Miuccia Prada designs a collection, the audience can expect two things: first, that the collection will be flawless, and second that there will always be an element of surprise. For me, if given a title to describe this collection, I would call it “All about Tippi.” Tippi Hedrin from the Hitchcock thriller, the Birds, was the ice princess who went to a sleepy fishing town, and fell in love while battling crows and pigeons in a tailored suit and designer pumps. For Prada’s collection, the models wore coats and suits of soft flannel, tweed and sometimes playful checks, while dresses were lady-like and impeccably tailored. Though prime and oh so proper, and suited for any Hitchcock film, the girls of Prada were also edgy; their hair wet and tousled, in stark contrast to Tippi’s blond hair which never had a strand out of place (except for that ever so famous attack on her bun by a seagull).
For the House of Versace, think Mod Squad meets Janet Jackson meets punk. Combine all three elements and you have Versace’s hip, rock ‘n roll and cool collection. Versace seemed to pay homage to Janet Jackson and her Rhythm Nation days, and there was an abundance of sexy latex dresses, and body suits. The hues that dominated the collection were the monochromatic colors of white, red, and black. Body hugging clothes with chains, and the cutest cowboy boots this side of Texas were the most eye catching. Perhaps the biggest and the best was saved for last when Donatella Versace walked out to an adoring crowd, looking amazing with her platinum blond hair, and a studded black jacket.
Though fun and fantastic, this season’s trends seem to have been a bit “been there, done that.” What made 2013 trends different were the embellishments (think crystals, rhinestones, ornate Victorian flowers) while those little extras- the lace, the studs, pearls and polka dots-can turn any trend that we may have seen before into something new and fresh. Here are the biggest trends of fall 2013.
Black and white: In some fashion circles, you will hear that BLUE is the color of the season. A cobalt blue that could be seen in many designers outfits while others say GREEN is the color to beat. But take a look at the major malls (often a good indicator of trends) and you will see that the two colors that reign supreme are black and white. The effect is chic and stunning, very 5th Avenue. Top it with some gold and you are ready to conquer the world.
Cowboy boots. Yes, they’re back. Yes, we have seen boots before. Midnight Cowboy, rodeos, the early 1990s. And while the film, the Lone Ranger may have been a flop this summer, the cowboy influence is still present. Boots are back at the old corral again but this time with a twist. There is definitely an edge to these western favorites. Boots are now more Vegas than Heart of Texas and are now embellished with either studs or rhinestones. Pair these with a legging or a cute pair of jeans and you will surely be “back on the saddle again.”
Though these trends are already seen in shops across America, there were some trends that we wish would just stay in the closet and say Addio to. Take for example, the pajama look. Silk, satins, delicate prints, pajama inspired jumpsuits worn in the daytime. Yes, they are beautiful, yes, they are comfy, but no matter what, sleepwear always reminds me of PJs and visions of Hugh Hefner somehow come into my mind. The Print and Pattern look is also trending. The idea here is to take that one t-shirt that you bought on a whim at an amusement park and you never wore, and pair with a patterned skirt or pant. The result? You tell me.
Without a doubt, the days of rolling out of your bed, washing your face and heading out the door in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, without a care in the world, may be over. But in the end, if anything else, remember this: While trends come and go, and come back again, what looks good on you, what makes you feel bella is what matters most, and well, that is perhaps what true fashion should be all about.
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