Italy invests 80 million euros in cultural projects
The Uffizi Gallery in Florence
According to ANSA, Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini announced 80 million euros of funding for cultural projects in Italy including renovation of Rome’s Colosseum and Florence’s Uffizi Gallery.
Italy’s superior council for cultural assets and landscape has approved the allocation of the funds for large-scale projects in 2015-2016, Franceschini said, hailing the decision as a turning point for the country’s culture sector.
Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world but its leaders have been criticised in recent years for failing to allocate enough funds to cultural upkeep, with scandals breaking out over collapses of ancient ruins at sites such as Pompeii. A total of 18.5 million euros of the most recently approved financing will go towards rebuilding the arena of the Colosseum in Rome and restoring its floor. Another 18 million euros will bankroll the so-called Great Uffizi project in Florence, which aims to renovate the gallery and rearrange some of its masterpieces.
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