Retired in Sicily: A follow-up to “Over the Sicilian Moon”

By Barbara Palermo
Kindle 5.00
Paperback 15.00
Determined to forge a new life in the land of her ancestors, Barbara Palermo embarks on a journey to discover what it means to be Sicilian. In her first book, “Over the Sicilian Moon,” she detailed the process of acquiring Italian citizenship, meeting relatives in Sicily, purchasing property from overseas, and implementing a five-year plan to move abroad despite a pandemic.

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“Retired in Sicily” explains what happened next. Barbara describes the day-to-day adventures of their first two years in Sicily beginning in July of 2020. In addition to having to adapt to a new language and culture, she humorously details the challenges of purchasing vehicles, paying taxes, using the healthcare system, earning an Italian driver’s license, befriending other expats, dealing with natural disasters, and more.

This is a true story of perseverance and determination that ultimately leads to success, but not without trepidation and soul-searching. Learn what it’s really like to retire in Sicily, warts and all, from an American couple who took a leap of faith and began a new life in an old country.

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