Over the Sicilian Moon, by Barbara Palermo

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The story of an American couple who achieved Italian citizenship, retired in Sicily and opened a BNB

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The story of how an American couple gained Italian citizenship, retired in Sicily and opened a small BNB. It begins in the United States in 2004 when a conversation with stranger sent them down an unexpected path, and ends 16 years later at their little farm in Sicily. A lot happened during that time, starting with the pursuit of Italian citizenship based on ancestry, then by marriage. Then, there was a first trip to Sicily to locate the family they had never met, followed by multiple trips to explore the island and fall over-the-moon-in-love with the people, the climate, and the food. Their story includes the arduous and lengthy process of purchasing a newly renovated farm and the equally arduous ordeal of getting utilities up and running. They made new friends along the way while awkwardly navigating a different culture and a foreign language and overcoming many challenges. Finally, there was the difficult task of selling nearly everything they owned, saying goodbye to family and friends, and moving abroad during a pandemic.

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