Marsala wine is the perfect drink on a warm Sicilian afternoon
Marsala wine is the perfect drink on a warm Sicilian afternoon

Looking for something to drink other than beer or regular wine? Marsala, both in its dry and sweet forms, is a real delight and is absolutely perfect as an aperitif.

As the name suggests, the best Marsala wine is produced in and around the Sicilian town of Marsala, and – as a matter of fact – the wine has received Protected Designation of Origin status all the way back in 1969. The history of this world famous drink, however, is much more ancient that the late 1960s: English trader John Woodhouse arrived at the port of Marsala in 1773 and instantly fell in love with the town’s wine, so much so that he began shortly its mass production and commercialization.

With a content of 15-20%  alcohol by volume, Marsala wines are classified depending on their color, sweetness and aging and come, of course, with different price tags. While Marsala Fine has only been ages for 1 year, a Soleras Riserva has to spend at least 10 years in a wooden cask, which gives it a much deeper and richer flavor.

Regardless of the type you choose, Sicilian bartenders will serve it along some salty snacks – such as pistachio bruschettas, cashews, or seafood based finger foods – which not only enhance the wine’s natural flavor, but also complement its sweetness. 

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