What a great treat for members of F.I.L. who participated in the cruising of the channels of Huntington Harbour on July 14, 2012!
The first group of members using two Gondolas was at 11:30 a.m.   After that cruise, those members and others who were going on the 2 p.m. trip had lunch at the Pelican Isle Restaurant which is located on one of the channels of Huntington Harbour.  Another  F.I.L. group arrived for the 3 p.m. trip. This event was well attended and was a delightful experience for all who participated.  On one of the Gondolas, the members were entertained listening to the magnificent voice of the Gondolier who sang Italian songs.  One in particular was exceptional, “Con te Partirò’” (the favorite song sung by Bocelli) was outstanding.
Who could ask for more, than to spend time on an ORIGINAL VENETIAN GONDOLA on the channels of Huntington Harbour, plus listening to the great voice of the Gondolier.  
This was one of the many events which are planned by the chairpersons to delight and entertain the members of F.I.L.  This Italian organization with 225 members and still growing is one of the most active and largest club in Orange County.  For information about F.I.L., as well as upcoming events, please call (949) 363-5348.
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