Ciambelle make a great snack on their own but make the perfect accompaniment to cured meats, cheeses, and antipasto. Photos copyright Nonna’s Way

Ciambelle di Pane - Charcuterie’s Best Friend!

You hear the word ‘ciambelle’ a lot in Italian baking. There are so many different types of ciambelle, ciambellette and ciambellini! Sweet, savoury,...
Cannoli siciliani have a huge identity-defining power: Italian bakeries all over the world make of their presence on the shelves a symbol of “italianità” and heritage associated with only a handful of other products. Photo by siculodoc

The sweetest thing: cannolo siciliano and its amazing history

Cannolo siciliano: is there any other Italian dessert this popular in the world? Tiramisù may be one of its more glorious competitors, but cannolo...

Cooking with Nonna: Chiacchiere alla Barese

It's almost Carnevale, and Carnevale, in Italy, means chiacchiere! Learn how to make these delciious treats with Nonna!
The art of Naples' pizza -making could become a patrimony of the world. Photo:

The art of making pizza to become part of the UNESCO Intangible Patrimony

Pizza finds a place on every country's table and is topped with countless delicacies, each country creating its own - more or less - orthodox version...
Escarole soup with sizzling olive oil croutons, parmigiano-reggiano DOP shavings. | Photo copyright Nathan Hoyt 2017

What To Do With Escarole? Make Soup!

Escarole has always been a mystery to me. Not that we didn’t eat it when I was growing up, but as far as I could tell, no one else ever did in the...
Chef Rossella Rago

Cooking With Nonna: soon available the book with more than 100 classic italian recipes

First generation American born of italian immigrants, Rossella Rago grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with a deep link to her Italian roots in Mola di...
Lentil soup with Castelluccio lentils. Photo credit: alisafarov

In Search of Castelluccio Lentils

While in Umbria on vacation a few years ago, we went in search of fabled Castelluccio lentils. We had seen these lentils for sale when we were...
 Mantua's Tortelli di Zucca. Photo by marcomayer

Mantua, European capital of gastronomy 2017

C ombining simple, local ingredients with tradition, a dash of history and never-ending love Mantuan cuisine is known as the food of princes and...
Carnival of Venice, beautiful masks at St. Mark's Square — Photo by lachris77

The Language of Carnevale

For centuries the pre-Lent festivities of carnevale sumptuously celebrated carne, a word that translates as both "meat' and "flesh," in every sense...

Best Markets in Italy: Il Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio

If you ever find yourself in need of an espresso, a panino (a sandwich), pane or dolci (bread or sweets), or simply good company and a fun outing,...
Ribollita is a traditional Tuscan dish

Ribollita – Tuscany's Famous Bean Soup

I'll never forgot the first time I had Ribollita . It was in the speck of a hill top town called Montebenichi, Tuscany at Osteria L'Orciaia. The...
The brazadèla is  eaten usually for breakfast with milk or, after dinner, with a good glass of red wine

A Slice of the Past: An Italian American Cook-in Brings Childhood Memories to Life

Everyone has favorite childhood memories, and one of mine is of the lovingly prepared food whose aromas filled the air of my old neighborhood in the...
Roasted Fennel and Carrot Soup

Detox with Fennel Italian-Style

With the holidays behind us, many of us have gone a bit overboard with the continual stream of cakes, cookies, libations and heavy meals. If you are...
Chef Enzo Lanzadoro and his wife, Linh opened Enzo's in 2010

Dining in Puglia on Alberta Street

Portland has no shortage of good international restaurants - whatever you are hungry for you will likely find it somewhere. Northeast Alberta Street...
 Elisabetta Ciardullo, president of Think Italian! Events - Photo by Pina Di Cola

Think Italian! Events Brings LA’s Top Chefs into Your Home

Listening to Elisabetta Ciardullo’s first experience in the US, I couldn’t help thinking about the fictional nanny Mary Poppins. Just as the British...

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