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Panettone, a cake living between history and legend which has lovers and detractors, but never fails to appear on Italian tables during this time of the year

The – buttery and delicious – history of panettone, Italy’s own Christmas cake

A Christmas without panettone is barely a Christmas in Italy: loathed or loved, the Milanese born sweet loaf is something everyone has in the kitchen...
Arrosto d’Urbino

Arrosto d’Urbino

Marche is an underrated region of Italy; not as famous as Tuscany or Umbria, but just as beautiful, historic, and fascinating as anyplace in this...
Brodetto alla senigalliese

Brodetto alla senigalliese

The Marche region of Italy is blessed with 180 km of fertile coastline, so the seafood available is deeply ingrained into Marche’s food culture. In a...
Italian Restaurant Week

Movie inspired menus for the Italian Restaurant Week

From today to the 23rd of November, a series of events celebrating Italian gastronomy and heritage will be taking place in Los Angeles during the...
Fresh ricotta cheese

You, Me & Sicily: Raving about ricotta

In this episode of "You, Me & Sicily" Alfred Zappala and Eszter Vajda show us how fresh ricotta is made in Sicily.
Romano green beans with anchovy dressing. | Credit: Copyright Paolo Destefanis, for Veneto: Authentic Recipes From Venice and the Italian Northeast, by Julia della Croce

Vegetable Love, Italian Style

It’s no surprise that vegetables are the bedrock of the Italian diet. For one thing, the climate is temperate and the growing seasons are blessedly...
Eataly Set To Open a New Store at the World Trade Center

Eataly Set To Open a New Store at the World Trade Center

Eataly has announced it will be opening a second New York City location at the World Trade Center on August 11. The store will debut a 40,000-square-...
Pasta with Pesto Pantesco

Island Inspiration: Simple Summer Recipes from Pantelleria

As summer’s heat bears down on folks from Italy to America, time is best spent under a striped beach umbrella at la spiaggia or under a shaded...
Sicilian clams with fennel broth

Summer’s Simplicity: Sicilian Clams with Fennel Broth

The heat of mid-summer calls for ease and simplicity in the kitchen. My summer repertoire evolves into one that allows the flavors of the simple...
Meringata with chocolate sauce

Whip Up Something Light

Spring is here, and how about greeting it with a Meringata? This simple dessert is composed of two disks of ethereal meringue, baked to a delicate...

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