Italian chef

The Chef behind the brand: the true face and life of Ettore Boiardi

Most of you probably know him better as “ Chef Boyardee ,” the name and face behind a popular brand of Italian style canned foods. Established in...
Chef and Restaurateur, Celestino Drago. Photo Courtesy of Katie Conway

Celestino Drago: Italian Excellence in the LA Food Scene

It could have been a completely different story. Celestino Drago, who comes from the Province of Messina (Sicily), might have become a successful...
Chef Bruno Serato and the children of Caterina's Club. Photo Credit Tony Zuppardo

At Caterina’s Club “If pasta is too good, you will eat fast and get more”

“Bruno Serato is a wonderful helper, he works at a restaurant called the White House.” ”He is a loving, caring man, who helps people in need. He...
Chef Barbara Pollastrini

Barbara Pollastrini: Pink and Love in the Kitchen

With her pink short hair, bright smile, and magnetic attitude, Italian chef Barbara Pollastrini is capable of delighting both the palate and the eye...
Renato Solpietro teaches how to cook Italian recipes with enthusiasm and humor

Sharing a Passion for Italian Culture, Travel and Cuisine

Meeting Chef Renato Solpietro for the first time is a happy experience. He is passionate about life in general and Italian culture and cooking in...

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