The America Lodge of La Habra has been committed, over the years, to putting on events that feature world-class entertainment found in their very own backyard.  In fact, it has cultivated these entertainers and made them their own by bringing them into the “Sons of Italy” as honorary lodge members, like funny man, Mike Marino, and most recently, Filippo Voltaggio. 
Arranged and orchestrated by Annette Zappia with the support and help of many other lodge members, this past Saturday night, they did it again.  The show was called “Filippo and Friends,” starring famed Award Winner Filippo Voltaggio and his talented friends, and talented and entertaining they were.
Susan Gaede of the Orange County Register Newspaper published the following, “La Habra buzz: People are raving about the dinner show hosted by the American Lodge of La Habra, “Sons of Italy” Saturday night. Singer  Filippo Voltaggio  and his friends are the best!”
Filippo’s friends included La Habra’s own Sister Margaret who delighted the audience with a duet with Filippo and a song on her own.  
On the bill was also Marion Ramsey, everyone remembered as Officer Hooks from the popular “Police Academy” series of films, who also sang a duet with Filippo and then a rousing rendition of a Tina Turner song.  The crowd was happy to see one of Filippo’s brother’s return to La Habra, Anthony Voltaggio with his sense of humor and exquisite trumpet playing.  And finally, former New York policeman turned singer actor, Italian-American Tom Verri who brought Sinatra to the stage.
In fact, the whole evening was like a return of the Rat Pack or a flash back to the days of Dean Martin and friends, with Filippo and his friends, joking and playing on stage and making beautiful music, accompanied by a three piece live band.  
Filippo and his stories are always a treat, a performer like the world hasn’t seen since the passing of the greats.  And though many of the audience members were non-Italian, Filippo put in just the right amount of Italian songs and stories to make sure everyone was left happy and wanting more.
The comments the Lodge has received are along the lines of  “I never knew La Habra had this kind of entertainment.”  “This show belongs in Las Vegas, it’s better than shows I’ve seen there.”  “I have not seen a show like this in years, where has it been all this time.” 
The America Lodge of La Habra would also like to thank Mark Sturdevant, President of the La Habra Chamber for being in attendance and introducing his now friend, Filippo.  
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