Every Christmas, Tiffany Lillebo’s Nonna Angelina made pizzelle using a pizzelle iron that had been passed down through the family for generations. 
“They were always such a treat,” says Tiffany. “We enjoyed them during the holidays with Nonna but we also love to eat them year-round.” 
When her nonna passed away, the iron, as well as the original hand-written recipe, was handed down and it was now Tiffany’s turn to carry on the family tradition.  
“Every time we make pizzelle, we think of her.  Maybe it’s silly, but I feel her presence sometimes while cooking. She was a funny character; I could almost hear her laughter the time I used more sugar than flour!”
Originally from Northern California, Tiffany and her husband, Erik have always wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest.  Their first date ten years ago was spent “coffee shop hopping” and thus began the dream of opening their own shop.  They fell in love with Portland; when a friend suggested they give their venture a go in the Rose City, they made the move.
“We are always looking for a deeper way to connect and make things beautiful; we are ready to share this with Portland. We also want to show our children that with patience and love, you can do anything!”
Both Tiffany and Erik have a background in coffee. Tiffany’s first job was as a barista. “No other job made me feel as fulfilled. I love the idea of being a good part of someone’s day.”  They also have a desire to work for themselves. “If we’re going to give it our all, why not do it while working together on something we love?”
In a play on words, they named their cart the Tired & Pour Coffee Co.  “We were both tired and poor – and tired of being poor!” Tiffany explains. “Erik is the creative genius that came up with the name. We had a long list but this one stood out the most.”
Tired & Pour will be Home of the Lillebo Pizzelle. “It’s our take on one of the world’s oldest cookies,” states Tiffany.  “We hope to offer both sweet and savory pizzelle. We know there is a lot of good coffee in Portland, but we think our style and taste will set us apart.”
Visitors to Tired & Pour can expect delicious, smooth tasting coffee from a local roaster. The menu will include Italian sodas and cremosas, tea and weekly baked specials, such as London’s Meyer Lemon Bars, mini pies or Grandma’s chocolate coffee cake. Their signature items include the Mia Bella pizzelle sandwich, consisting of hazelnut spread between two Italian cookies, and a pizzelle ice cream sandwich.
When asked about their personal favorites, Erik chooses Café au Lait and Meyer Lemon pizzelle, while Tiffany enjoys hazelnut latte with classic anise pizzelle, “because they remind me so much of my nonna.” 
As well as providing delicious treats for the community, and being a part of the food cart culture in Portland, Tired & Pour has a mission. 
“We love coffee, and unique foods,” says Tiffany, “and our cart will sell great, locally roasted coffee and handmade baked goods, including pizzelle. However, we also want to give back to Portland for being so welcoming. In the future, if we attend events and festivals, Tired and Pour wants to donate a percentage of event sales to a local charity. We have a few ideas on some drives for the needy this year. We also like the program (rooted in Italy) that Todd Edwards, owner of Ole Latte, brought to Portland called ‘Suspended Coffee.’  This is where someone can buy an extra cup or bite for a person in need.”
Tiffany and Erik hope for much baking and pouring in their future. Eventually, they would like to expand their brand by offering catering services and opening up a storefront. 
Portlanders who have been dreaming of pizzelle to go with their favorite cup of coffee can now head on over to Tired & Pour Coffee Co.  The cart will open at NE 26th and Alberta Street by the end of April.
Pizzelle lovers can also order Tired & Pour pizzelle online at www.tiredandpour.com. 
Tiffany posts regular updates and specials on their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ tiredandpour For those who want to try their hand at pizzelle making, Tiffany shares her Nonna’s original recipe:  Nonna Angelina’s Original Pizzelle Recipe • 6 eggs • 3 ½ cups flour • 1 ½ cups sugar • 1 cup margarine • 4 teaspoons baking powder • 2 tablespoons vanilla or anise Beat eggs adding sugar and beat until smooth.  Add cooled, melted margarine and vanilla.   Sift flour and baking powder, and then add to above.  Cook on pizzelle iron. Enjoy!
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