L’ITALO-AMERICANO MAGAZINE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to promote and preserve the Italian culture and heritage in the US, informing in real time on the events regarding the Italian communities in the States, and being an ambassador of the Italian language and culture, in order to provide a comprehensive portrait of Italy. As many non-profit organizations, our income is limited and we occasionally need to raise funds to be able to keep up with our mission.

The Italian Gourmet Holiday Raffle is part of our fundraising efforts that allow our newspaper to keep serving the Italian American communities in the US, as we have been doing since 1908. Thank you for keep on supporting our newspaper!

This year, after the tragic earthquake that have devastated Central Italy and wiped out beautiful little towns with great cultural heritage, we have decided to cross-donate part of our fundraising effort to I LOVE NORCIA, one of the associations struggling to rebuild Norcia, which is among the most damaged centers hit by the earthquake. 

Thank you in advance for helping us supporting the post-eartquake reconstruction

Roundtrip Airfare for 2 to italy + 1 week stay in a Foodies B&B in Florence

Experience Florence, one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, and enjoy the hospitality in a Florence Foodies’ B&B run by Chefs, who will be enriching your local experience with a dedicated cooking course and a Florence foodie tour.

Florence is a truly open-air museum, with so much to offer to travelers and tourists. Admire the beauty in the architecture, enjoy the city views and indulge in the never ending art and culture Florence has to offer! 

The lucky winners of our first prize will be hosted for 7 nights at the Giglio Bianco Foodies’ B&B, a food-oriented bed and breakfast, run by Italian Chefs in a typical house in the heart of Florence, near Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti, with views on the Garden of Boboli, the gardens of Palazzo Pitti. 

The hosts at Giglio Bianco, Chef Vary and Chef Edoardo, will also offer to the raffle’s lucky winners a full cooking course of Italian cuisine. The winners of L’Italo-Americano Italian Gourmet Holiday Raffle’s first prize will be able to choose the cooking course they prefer the most among a wide range of cooking courses offered by Giglio Bianco: Florence Tuscan Lunch, Tiramisu Cooking Class, Gluten-free traditional Florentine Dinner, Historic Florentine Dinner feast with Authentic Renaissance Food Recreation and Revival, Italian Vegetarian Cooking Class, Italian Vegan Cooking Class, Meat Lover’s Dinner, Homemade Cheese Class from Scratch, Pasta Class from Scratch with Seasonal Ingredients, and more cooking courses to choose from.

Last but certainly not least, during her stay at Giglio Bianco, the first prize raffle winners will be also offered a Florence foodie tour to the discovery of the hidden gastronomic gems of Florence. Among the tours the winners will be able to choose from, a Florence Chocolate Tour with Dinner, a Florence Luxury Tour of Truffle and Oil with Gourmet Dinner, a Walking Food Tour of Florence with Dinner, and more foodie tours to choose from.

Monthly Home Delivery of Italian Regional Gastronomy Gourmet Boxes for 6mo.

The winners of L‘Italo-Americano Italian Gourmet Holiday Raffle’s second prize will receive at home a monthly delivery of Italian Regional Gastronomy Gourmet Boxes provided by our partner NonnaBox, for 6 months in a row. 

NonnaBox, an Italian business based in San Francisco, California, launched its business a few years ago with the mission of delivering Italian regional gastronomy boxes across the United States. NonnaBox’s food boxes are dedicated to the regional tastes of Italy and include gourmet food ingredients and traditional recipes inspired by Italian grandmas. 

The six Italian regional gastronomy gourmet boxes offered by NonnaBox to the lucky winner of L’Italo-Americano Christmas Fundraising Raffle’s second prize will be delivered to the winner’s home once per month for six months in a row, bringing to the winner’s home the following traditional gourmet tastes:

  1. Sicilia by Nonna Elisabetta: Busiate Pasta, Caponata, Pistacchio Cream, Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Butter Cookies with Sicilian Orange, Cherry Tomato sauce with Eggplant + traditional Sicilian recipes by Nonna Elisabetta
  2. Calabria by Nonna Concetta: Wild Orange Preserve, Bomba di Calabria Hot Pepper Paste, Dried Arrabbiata sauce mix, Dynamite Hot Pepper Tapenade, Calabrian Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Calabrian Licorice + traditional Calabrian recipes by Nonna Concetta
  3. Campania by Nonna Antonia: Organic Rigatoni, Puttanesca sauce, Controne pepper, Corno di Capra Sweet Pepper, Baby artichokes hearts, Olive Pate with cacao + traditional Campanian recipes by Nonna Antonia
  4. Tuscany by Nonna Gabriella: Truffle Linguine, Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grigliata Herbed Sea Salt, Chiaverini Jam, Biscotti di Prato, Walnuts and figs panforte + traditional Tuscan recipes by Nonna Gabriella
  5. Liguria by Nonna Anna Maria: Croxetti pasta, Ligurian pesto, Ligurian Walnut sauce, Canestrelli cookies, Romanengo chocolate bar, Ligurian Bruschetta spread + traditional Ligurian recipes by Nonna Anna Maria
  6. Piemonte by Nonna Maddalena: Carnaroli rice, Dried porcini mushrooms, Paste di meliga cookies, Elderflower soda, Zabajone moscato wine cream, Organic Acacia Honey + traditional Piedmont recipes by Nonna Maddalena

One (1) week stay at La Fiorida, Luxury Resort & Spa in Valtellina

The luxury Resort  La Fiorida is located in one of the most picturesque areas of the Alps, The Valtellina, a geographic area providing peace and relaxation only a stone’s throw away from Milan. In the splendid setting of the bottom of the valley – where the Orobie Alps meet the Retiche Alps, at just one step from Lake Como – the luxury resort La Fiorida boasts one of the most beautiful settings in the Lower Valtellina and is home to a luxury agriturism with organic farm, a gourmet, Michelin-Starred restaurant and a Beauty Spa.

The lucky winners of L’Italo-Americano Italian Gourmet Holiday Fundraising Raffle’s third prize will be hosted for 7 nights at La Fiorida resort, where they can enjoy not only the beautiful natural setting and the cozy ambiance in pine-wood amidst the Alps, but also the great offer of La Fiorida: fresh and genuine produce, organic cheeses and other ‘latticini’, locally produced ‘salumi’ sausages and other meats, a gourmet restaurant (that achieved a Michelin Star in November 2013), and a Beauty Spa. 

Win a $300 Cash Prize

Certainly not worth as much as a free trip with cooking classes in Florence, or as much as 6-months home delivery of Italian gourmet food, or as a stay at a gourmet agriturism in the Alps, but hey! A $300 cash prize is still a $300 cash prize! You can still use the cash prize for a dinner at your favorite Italian gourmet food restaurant, or to spend the money as you please!