FAImarathon: discover Italy's hidden corners

Italy’s cultural heritage includes an incredible number of wonderful buildings, churches, courtyards and palaces that are, too often, known only by a few, and overlooked by most. The National Trust of Italy FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, works to preserve and present these gems that dot the peninsula and, each year, they organize a large number of fall events for their members and friends. 

This year there will be 600 special openings in 150 cities throughout Italy, with the return of special Sundays dedicated to the rediscovery of Italian heritage and culture organized by the FAI Youth Groups.

On Sunday, October the FAImarathon – Giornata FAI d’Autunno (FAI Autumn Day) will give members a new way of looking at some of Italy’s most beautiful spots by following thematic itineraries and participating in special events. To discover these unique and interesting events visit FAI’s website.

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