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The 106th year of L’Italo-Americano is featuring a number of important changes and steps forward for the paper.
Considering that today the new generations of Americans who are interested in discovering and preserving their Italian heritage outnumber the Italian-speaking immigrants, the layout has been restyled to give more emphasis to the English Section and to address a wider public of readers. In addition, new sections are now being introduced.
The paper is growing, expanding its outreach to all the Italian communities on the West Coast, starting with Orange County and San José, up to Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada.
This is a gradual process, which reminds of the legendary Conquest of the Far West, aimed at building up a strong network of Italian Americans by making the newspaper a common reference and meeting point.
And L’Italo-Americano caravan has always led this ride. Like in 1980, when the paper bought out the competitor in San Francisco, L’Eco d’Italia, becoming the only Italian weekly newspaper on the West Coast.
But in the paper’s history there is also another important date that marks this editorial “gold rush” and certifies a record it can be proud of. In 1988, the newspaper Il Progresso Italo-Americano, published in New York since 1880, was closed – even if it was lately replaced by America Oggi – and L’Italo-Americano became the oldest Italian newspaper in the United States.
Yet, this very long road that the large community of Italian American immigrants living and working on the West Coast has embarked on since 1908, also includes modernity and future.
The new version of the web site, specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, has just been released.
Visit to discover the convenience of reading the newspaper on your mobile device, of keeping up to date through the eco-friendly version, of enjoying a passionate and fresh reflection of who we are, from our Mediterranean roots planted overseas to the branches stretching out to the Pacific Coast.
Buona Pasqua!
Happy Easter to you and your families!

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