NEW! La Befana 15 ” Rag Doll

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Sweet, simple cloth doll represents la Befana, the old woman from Italian folklore who delivers treats and small gifts to children on the eve of the Epiphany (Jan. 6).

The doll’s printed facial features bear a kindly expression.  Her hair is soft and gray. 

She wears a bright scarf and holds her broom close because as we know from the story, la Befana loves to sweep!

 Her quiet presence on mantle, shelf, Christmas tree, or wherever in a home she’s placed, will keep alive the beloved Italian tradition that extends the Christmas season to the twelfth day!  

 La Befana rag doll measures 15 inches from head to toe.  She is crafted from quality linen fabric.

The clothing (not removable) reflects Old World village attire.

Our Befana rag doll oveall look is  modeled after the Befana character in our book, The Night of La Befana, written by Maria Centofanti and Illustrated by Isabella Centofanti

La Befana rag doll comes in plain muslin bag with drawstring and the words “Buona Epifania” Perfect for storing Befana until she visits your home again the following Jan 6th!

(Please note the doll does not come with a doll stand (we used one for photographing). They can be purchased on Amazon (keyword doll stand for 15″ fashion doll) 

We will be looking into having a doll stand available soon.

The doll is designed by Isabella Centofanti

Sold Exclusively at Italian Children’s Market.