Buon Viaggio, Rosalina and Regina! The travel adventures of a little girl and her doll-Bilingual

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Buon Viaggio, Rosalina and Regina

The travel adventures of a little girl and her doll

By Isabella Centofanti-Alexander

   Written in diary format, in the voice of 8-year-old Rosalina, this is the story of a child’s first trip to Italy to visit her nonna (grandmother). Rosalina brings along her doll, Regina, and together they meet new friends and share the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of two special weeks in Nonna’s village. Having faithfully described each day’s activities in her travel diary, Rosalina realizes (when it’s time to leave Italy and return to the United States) that her wonderful experiences are there to enjoy over and over, every time she reads her diary!

About the Author

When writing Buon Viaggio, Rosalina and Regina!, Isabella Centofanti Alexander drew from her own experience traveling for the first time to her father’s homeland in Italy. Like Rosalina, she was eight years old, bringing along her favorite doll, and carefully recording her thoughts, feelings, and observations in a travel journal she still has today! A traditional artist, Isabella’s watercolor illustrations are done entirely by hand. Many scenes depict the Abruzzese village of Marane Palazzo, near Sulmona. Isabella now regards her childhood travel diary as a treasury of vivid memories as well as a way to recall how it was seeing Italy through the eyes of a child.


11″ x 9″

32 pages

Buon Viaggio, Rosalina and Regina picturebook is the perfect companion to our new Regina, the little travel doll (sold separately). Regina, our little doll, is depicted in the story.

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