L'Italo-Americano History


L’Italo-Americano was founded in 1908 by Gabriello Spini, a learned Florentine, who wanted to “Inform, Unite and Assist” the rising Italian American community of Los Angeles. In 1924 Cleto Baroni, Spini’s nephew, becomes Associate Editor, and in 1933 assumes sole ownership and editorial responsibility of L’Italo-Americano directing its destiny singlehandedly for 38 years. In 1963 Gabriello Spini dies at age 89.

Mr. Baroni, to ensure stability of service, sells L’Italo-Americano (1971) to The Fathers of St. Charles (Scalabrinians) and Fr. Mario Trecco becomes the new editor of the newspaper. Under Trecco’s responsibility many improvements are made to the existing format, and in 1980 L’Italo-Americano acquires L’Eco d’Italia of San Francisco becoming the only Italian newspaper on the West Coast. Two years later Cleto Baroni dies at age 85, after 65 years of service to the newspaper.

In 1983 L’Italo-Americano celebrates its diamond jubilee and in 1986 acquires a more modern look by going tabloid size. Trecco remains in charge of L’Italo-Americano until 1990 when Fr. Augusto Feccia becomes the new editor. More improvements are introduced into the paper, such as the upgrading of the computer system from Compugraphic to Apple MacIntosh. In 1998 Fr. Feccia relinquishes the position of editor to Fr. Ermete Nazzani.

Fr. Nazzani’s first decision is to call back Mario Trecco as editor. The Fathers of Saint Charles in 1999 sell L’Italo-Americano to Mr. Mario Trecco, who becomes sole owner and director.

As of July 1st 2004 L’Italo-Americano became the property of L’Italo American Foundation.