Grey Mullet Bottarga in Baffe


Whole artisan bottarga in baffe to be grated on pasta or to be sliced ​​for tasty appetizers with Sardinian spiny artichokes or with bread. We recommend consuming the product two days after removing it from its packaging. Keep in a cold and dry place.
3.17 Oz 11.70 Euro
4.23 Oz 16.80 Euro
5.64 Oz 22.40 Euro
17.63 Oz 65.00 Euro
38.09/39.15 Oz 125.00 Euro
39.15/40.56 Oz. 130.00 Euro
40.56/42.32 Oz. 135.00 Euro

You can contact Gusti Pregiati in English through the form here or visit their website clicking HERE (note: the website is only in Italian).

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