Gioielli Dop:Elastic Boule Bracelet with 1 Lira Cornucopia Coin and Chili Pepper Mini Lucky Charms in Sterling Silver and Red Enamel


Elastic Boule Bracelet with Pendants 1 Lira Cornucopia Coin and Chili Mini Lucky Charm in Sterling Silver and Red Enamel. Discover the collections. Shop online. Express delivery 48h.

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The Elastic Boule Bracelet with 1 Lira Cornucopia and Mini Red Chili Pepper Charms is an inexhaustible reserve of good luck! The 1 Lira Cornucopia PDO coin is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Cornucopia is said to have made any wish. If placed on top of a coin, it bodes well. Chili is anti-inflammatory, activates digestion and antidepressant; if used as a spice, fresh or dry, it is a valid health ally, which gives energy and good mood, but also defends against bad influences and bad luck. The red color is perfect for those who like to get noticed. It is associated with vitality and ambition, self-confidence and courage. Discover the Duet Collection, all the lucky jewels and choose your favorites.

Gioielli DOP is an authentic expression of Italian creativity and know-how. All the jewels are 100% Made in Italy, handmade according to traditional craftsmanship by Tuscan goldsmiths.