Elastic Boule Bracelet with Mint Popsicle Charm in Sterling Silver and Enamel


Elastic Boule Bracelet with Mint Ice-cream Pendant in Sterling Silver and Enamel. Discover the collections. Shop online. Express delivery 48h

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The Elastic Boule Bracelet with Mint Popsicle Charm is the favorite flavor of playful and irreverent types! Its aromatic notes enclose all the freshness of the summer breeze and multiple properties! Among others, mint is a digestive, antiseptic and refreshing spice. Legend has it that Mint takes its name from Myntha, the nymph loved by Hades – the God of the Underworld – later transformed into a plant by Persephone! Discover all the Desserts jewels, inspired by Italian food excellence, and choose your favorites.

Gioielli DOP is an authentic expression of Italian creativity and know-how. All the jewels are 100% Made in Italy, handmade according to traditional craftsmanship by Tuscan goldsmiths.