Bowl of A’s: An Italian-American Tale


Bowl of A’s is not your typical children’s book-it’s a delightful tale that infuses laughter and misunderstandings which blends the charm of Italian language and the allure of scrumptious Italian foods-complete with Lisa’s own recipe!

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Lisa Ruggiero is a new, enthusiastic author with a passion for children’s stories. Her heart is filled with love for teaching, culinary adventures, nature, and sports. Amidst the varied roles she has undertaken in her life, she always seems to navigate back to the world of educating young children. Currently, Lisa shines as a valuable member of a kindergarten team—a role that floods her life with an abundance of joy and endless inspiration. With a deep love for her Italian-American heritage and a heartfelt desire to share it, Lisa embarked on a journey to create “Bowl of A’s,” a charming children’s book that lovingly celebrates her culture. Lisa has been married for 22 years and has two wonderful grown children embarking on adulthood. She is a lifelong resident of San Pedro, California.