An important step has been taken in order to protect the traditional food products from the northern Valle d’Aosta region: indeed, thanks to a new high-tech labelling system introduced on an experimental basis, with half a million samples of controlled designation of origin (DOC) wines from Valle d’Aosta, protected designation of origin (DOP) Fontina and Fromadzo cheeses, Lard d’Arnad lard, Jambon de Bosses spicy ham, and the traditional Genepy liqueur protected by a special new label produced by Swiss company Sicpa using anti-counterfeiting ink employed on bank bills and electronic codes.
“Valle d’Aosta wants to invest in the confidence of the consumers who choose products of excellence,” Claudio Restano, the President of Expo Vda said while he announced that the first bottles and packages with the new system are already on sale in many shops.

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