Genuino Del Duca, proprietario del podere Marcampo

Podere Marcampo: An Encounter with Passion

Approaching Volterra by car from the north, the countryside slowly takes on the sparse character of a lunar landscape. The panorama is at once...
Grignolino, Schiava, Soave, Nosiola, and Lambrusco are five favorite Italian wines picks sure to compliment any picnic basket

Five Fav Italian Wine Picks for the Picnic Basket

Inspired by a few days of near 70 degree temperatures, I am geared up to shift focus from snow boots to picnics as fairer weather begins to make its...
Inspired by his Italian grandparents, Gary Figgins planted his first vineyard in 1974. In this 1979 photo with son Chris, now president of Leonetti Cellar, Figgins shares an early lesson about winemaking. (Leonetti Cellar)

How Italian immigrants helped define the wine industry of Walla Walla

Orselli, Saturno, Tachi, Locati, Arbini. These melodic names belonged to some of the early Italian settlers who found their way to eastern Washington...

Grignolino Wine: a great find in Torino

Have you ever tried a bottle of Grignolino D’Asti wine? It is relatively easy to find on a visit to Turin. It complements many regional foods well,...
Nicola Cantoni (right) owner of Fattoria Fibbiano located in Terricciola in the heart of Tuscany

Winemaker Spotlight: Nicola Cantoni of Fattoria Fibbiano

Winemaker Nicola Cantoni has a handshake you remember. His grip communicates his sturdy frame, giving one the sense that he is rooted to the ground...
Gragnano is gently sparkling, low in alcohol, perfumed of violets, with a distinct taste of grapes and nuances of berries

Gragnano: All In My Brain Remix

When psychedelic rock great Jimi Hendrix wrote “Purple haze, all in my brain “, I am pretty sure that the distinctive pomegranate-toned foam of...
Schiava makes lighter colored, lighter bodied wines, pleasantly fresh, with notes of tart red fruit, almond and flowers. Photo by eos04566

Appreciating Schiava: Light, Red, and Uncomplicated

Resting a splitting axe against my hip, I loosen the cowhide gloves. Two and one half cords of wood are split and stacked. The cool air and exercise...
Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea
Pinot Grigio – a color mutation of Pinot Noir, by the way – grown in the cool area of northeastern Italy — Photo by luckybusiness

Pinot Grigio: You Never Really Get Over It

In Kai Yuan Road, nearby to where the old ferry leaves from Xiamen to Gulangyu Island, You Sheng, a man perpetually dressed head to toe in white,...
These days, Molinara grape variety, which can bring a Pinot Noir-like lightness to the wines, seems to be conspicuously missing from the blends many producers use to make Valpolicella and Amarone wines

Who Moved the Molinara?

One of the first things about Italian wine which I recall committing to memory is the quartet of grape varieties which could comprise the classic...
Centennial kickoff ribbon cutting by Steve Riboli. Photo Courtesy of San Antonio Winery

San Antonio Winery’s 100 years of palatable delights

On October 13th, San Antonio Winery, kicked off its 100th anniversary on its historic location in Downtown L.A. – once in the heart of the city’s...
Castelvetro di Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Photo courtesy of Francesco Ferrarini

A tale from the homeland of Italian sparkling red wine

Italy, a country well-known for its beauty, hides undiscovered neighborhoods far from the typical touristic routes. In Emilia Romagna, the region...
Pisa is fast becoming an essential reference point for Tuscan wine, indeed for Italian wine. ©Elisa Bosco

Italian Wine: Great Potential of Pisa

Wines from the hills around Pisa made it solidly onto my radar in 2015 after a luncheon in New York with wine producers Matteo Cantoni and Luca...
The town of Barolo among rolling hills with vineyards in Piedmont, Italy.— Photo by olgysha

Wine and Food of Piemonte: A Talk with Author Tom Hyland

It’s been often said that it takes a village to raise a child. One could assert the same about an education in wine and food … getting one takes a...
The Vallana winery is located in Alto Piedmont

Nebbiolo: Getting Beyond Langhe

I enjoy and appreciate Barolo and Barbaresco, the oft-referred to King and Queen of Italian wines, just as much as the next guy. Nebbiolo, the native...

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