Passatelli in brodo

My Mom’s Passatelli and An Old Meat Grinder

One look at my mom’s old meat grinder and my eyes instantly well with tears. Never fail. How can that old beast resign me to a puddle of tears with a...

"You, Me & Sicily!": Homemade Sicilian Caponata

On this Episode we take you to the market to buy fresh produce and cook authentic Sicilian caponata with Eszter's friend Vanessa. All episodes of You...
Sicilian soprano Nuccia Focile in Seattle

Sicilian soprano Nuccia Focile in Seattle

Seattle Opera is presenting a bold production of the Marriage of Figaro set against a backdrop of mobile modern sets that help visually illustrate...
Sicilian Directors win Sundance screenplay award

Sicilian Directors win Sundance Screenplay Award

Sicilian directors Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza won the Sundance Institute Global Filmmaking Award for the screenplay of their feature film...
Giovanni Meli

Giovanni Meli: A Poet Remembered

2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Meli, Sicily’s most celebrated poet, who died of pneumonia on December 20, 1815. Prof...
You, Me & Sicily: Homemade Sicilian Food

You, Me & Sicily: Homemade Sicilian Cooking

Sicilian sauce, pasta and eggplant parmesan on this episode of "You, Me & Sicily!" All past episodes are at
Sicilian caponata

Caponata alla Siciliana Revisited

I’ve been on an eggplant kick lately. It’s summertime and eggplant are everywhere in the farmer’s markets and grocery stores. People seem to be...
A young Lee Curreri. Photo courtesy of Lee Curreri

Lee Curreri: an eclectic artist in search of his Italian origins

Best known as Bruno Martelli, the introvert and talented star from the 1980s hit TV series Fame , Lee Curreri was born in the Bronx, New York City,...
" You, Me & Sicily!" Aci Trezza, A Sicilian Fishing Village

"You, Me & Sicily!" Aci Trezza, A Sicilian Fishing Village

Well take you on a historical and gastronomical tour of this small village on the Eastern coast of Sicily EVAZ Meda Group for more go to...

Sicilian Liquid Gold

Olive oil has been used for various purposes for thousands of years. We'll take you to one of the oldest, award winning family run olive oil...

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