le Marche

Passatelli in brodo

My Mom’s Passatelli and An Old Meat Grinder

One look at my mom’s old meat grinder and my eyes instantly well with tears. Never fail. How can that old beast resign me to a puddle of tears with a...
Let’s go to le Marche: Frontone and the Castle!

Let’s go to Le Marche: Frontone and the Castle!

Studentessa Matta takes us for a visit in Le Marche region. A unique place to discover... Le Marche is a beautiful region of Italy that is bordered...
President of Fondazione Italia - Paolo Miliozzi surrounded by his team of teachers and educators. Photo Courtesy of P. Miliozzi

Paolo Miliozzi, President of Fondazione Italia, Paladin of Our Language

Paolo Miliozzi grew up in Civitanova Marche, Adriatic seaport in Italian region of Marche. Strangely enough, historically this area didn’t give birth...
Forcola at Rialto (c) Paolifema CC via Flickr

How to Find Italy’s Authentic Handmade Treasures: Interview with Art Historian Laura Morelli

Art historian Laura Morelli is on a mission to help travelers to Italy in search of genuine handicrafts discern treasure from trash. Her “Authentic...
Many of the oldest craft shops in Ripe still exist

Ripe, “il Paese dei Mestieri” that keeps the tradition of ancient handcrafts alive

There is no other place in Italy that can be considered, for its traditions and connection to its past, more unique than Ripe. First thing you see...

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