Hollywood Italian American

Filmmaker Woody Allen and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro during the shooting of Café Society. Photo Courtesy of V. Storaro

Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro: Master of Lights and Colors

Three-time Oscar winner, Vittorio Storaro is more than just a legendary Italian cinematographer - recognized by the Academy for his outstanding...
Steve Oedekerk in his studio in San Juan Capistrano

Steve Oedekerk: an Italian in Hollywood

I met up with Steve Oedekerk at “O Entertainment,” his studio in San Juan Capistrano. What was once an old bank and still has the vintage vault to...
Michael Giacchino, composer. Photo by Deborah Coleman-Pixar

Michael Giacchino: an Italian American composer in Hollywood

Most of the times we don’t even realize it, but while we are watching the latest great movie on the big screen or a mind-blowing series on TV, it isn...