FAI Event: "Un soffio di primavera" celebrates spring in Milan

Saturday, the 4th and Sunday, the 5th of March 2017, from 10 to 18, there will be an event at the Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan "A breath of spring", an exhibition and market which will feature the first flowers of the season. Twenty-five of the best Italian and foreign growers, selected by the FAI - the National Trust for Italy - for their specialization and the quality of their production, will exhibit their collections in the garden and in the glass roof of the villa.


Browsing through colors and scents that delight the senses, visitors will discover and be able to purchase a rich variety of plants to be planted after the winter break as well as furniture, tools and products for lawn care. They will also be able to get advice for the renovation of gardens and terraces for the arrival of spring.


In addition, the FAI is dedicating special attention to a different floral species every year.  It was camellias in 2016, and the theme chosen for this year - the sixth - will be primroses and violets.


Among the categories showing will be: annual plants, flowering biennials and perennials such as primroses and hellebores, shrubs and herbaceous perennials of the late winter and early spring, herbs, vines, bare root roses, bulbs, cacti, citrus as well as tools and products for the care of the garden and the cultivation of vegetables, seeds, books devoted to the art of keeping things green, botanical illustrations, and much more.


As part of the event there will be organized meetings on landscape maintenance, presentations of books, and pruning lessons.


FAI Press Release translated by Lina de la Torre

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