Getting ready for Carnival

We are getting ready to celebrate the Carnival preparing some typical sweet food that reminds us of childhood memories. 

In Modena we have the frappe. A traditional cake that we love eating for some time even after Carnival. The recipe is not so difficult, but you have to try more than one version to find out your favorite. We usually put a bit of Sassolino spirit in the mixture to create a very special taste. You just need flavor, eggs, sugar, butter, anise-flavored spirit (Sassolino), a little of yeast powder and oil to fry. Don’t forget the vanilla powdered sugar on top, it’s a real culinary masterpiece. I have the feeling that at carnival days the air is filled with a special sweet vanilla scent. A feeling that leads me into the past when my grandmother was used to make frappe and other carnival foodies like the apple friedcake.

But Carnival also means to go downtown for the costume parade. We have a special carnival character: Sandrone. He represents the peasant culture. He is a farmer of the XVIII century that ironically takes every year the speech in the main square of the city: Piazza Grande. He speaks about the main issues that have involved the community and the city with our sparkling dialect. It’s great fun!

Children are dressed in their costumes and they are so excited to experience lively this carnival parade. There is a color carpet of confetti covering the roads of the city.

The air is so sweet and the music of the band is filling this festive atmosphere. The day is coming to the end and all the people along the streets are happy about the carnival celebration. Yet, a melancholic feeling is growing into us… it is like we have lost these odd peasant friends as we must wait for another year to meet them again.




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