50 Trivia Facts about Italy (Part Four)

50 Trivia Facts about Italy (Part Four)

Ponte Rialto in Venice

The Tuscan Muse walks us through the last part with the most interesting facts about Italy. Here what makes Italy popular and unique!
The longest river in Italy is the Po.
Italy is the largest wine-producing country in the world.
Italy has hosted the Olympic Games three times.
The patron saint of Italy is Saint Francis of Assisi.
The national Italian airline is called Alitalia.
The largest white truffle in a half century weighing over 3 pounds,was unearthed near Pisa, Italy.
Italy is home to some of the world's greatest composers, like Vivaldi, Rossini, Verdi and Puccini.
The espresso machine was invented in Italy.
Venice has over 400 footbridges.
The oldest olive tree in Italy, in Umbria is reportedly over 1700 yrs old.
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