Around the Corner in Verona

Around the Corner in Verona

The pink marble at Via Mazzini

Verona is arguably one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy. After all it is the city of Romeo and Juliet. Via Mazzini leading to the stunning Piazza delle Erbe is made of pink marble. The old Roman arch bridge, the Ponte Pietra,  dates back to 100 BC. There are endless monuments and architectural landmarks like the Verona Arena and the Torre dei Lamberti.
While wandering around near the Ponte Pietra, I came across this scene as I turned the corner, and was captivated by it. Many times during my travels I find beauty in the old, the simple, and the images that portray everyday life in Italy.
In this particular image, which to me is so classically Italian, I am drawn to the wrought iron balconies which of course are adorned with flowers and green plants in flower boxes – a sure sign that someone lives here and cares for these plants in a loving way.
The crumbling facade would look like it belongs in a ghetto in some American neighborhoods; here it seems to exude charm. If it were freshly painted, this structure would appear sterile and not belonging to this community.
The lower level seems to be a shop of some type, but I can’t tell what exactly.

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