Food at zero miles

Food at zero miles

Fichi freschi are very popular in Southern Italy

Melissa explains a particular Italian expression "Cibo a kilometro zero". Let's find out what Italians mean by saying it!

What do I mean by “food at zero miles” This expression implies that one can live very well by taking just a few steps into the garden to collect all that is needed to eat well. In other words, you can survive and flourish (and save money) from the bounty of your garden that you grow in your own back yard. This week I have lived “food at zero miles”. Everything I have eaten has come directly from the garden: tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, beans, basil, peaches, grapes, figs, wine, and even eggs, lamb and chicken.

There are so many advantages for living the life of a farmer. It costs less: that is because the food doesn’t have to be transported to you, wrapped up and put on the shelf of a supermarket. It is sostainable: choosing produce from your garden saves the environment. Products are fresher and healthier: you eat only the items that are in season, so naturally everything is super fresh and doesn’t need to be preserved.

How great to live life “zero food miles.” It is the life of the farmer. The only downside? Boh! This would have to be the wild boars that roam the countryside and come into gardens during the night to steal the harvest! In fact, during the night and during the day here in Episcopia you hear the sound of little explosions that come from small machines to scare away the wild boar. I’d like to see one of them! But it is said that wild boars are more afraid of being human that we have them! So I guess I’m going to have to extend my stay if I want to catch one of them in the act!

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