Una rosa per la Loren! Dolce & Gabbana new fragrance: Dolce Rosa Excelsa

Una rosa per la Loren! Dolce & Gabbana new fragrance: Dolce Rosa Excelsa

Sophia Loren playing her role in D&G clip (Ph: D&G)

Last week Dolce & Gabbana launched its latest fragrance, Dolce Rosa Excelsa. To promote the new perfume they put together a little video, starring none other than longtime muse, iconic actress and 81-year-old-mega star – Sophia Loren!

The film is over the top! Filled with nostalgia, romance, hunky men (who manage to get their shirts off), pretty girls (who dress themselves up in top fashions)…yet no one is more refined and elegant then the beautiful than la Loren herself. In just a few minutes you too can soak up the ambience of Italy and her culture in this short “commercial” for perfume directed by Oscar-winning directory Giuseppe Tornatore (think Cinema Paradiso, Malena, L’uomo delle stelle.)

In the clip Loren portrays the mother of a large Italian family tasked with restoring a villa that fallen into ruin. The renovations require the rolling up of sleeves and the bulging of muscles, as the men dig in with hammers to tear down walls, reveal hidden frescos as well as hoist beams to repair the roof. Sophia herself joins in not only overseeing the work, but lending a hand pruning her garden helping to restore things to an orderly and pristine state. After the work is complete, of course the men take time to splash around with a garden hose on the patio – and why not?

The clip culminates in garden party. There love blossoms, just like the roses in Sophia’s garden and la Loren’s youngest “son” falls in love with one of the party guests. He offers her a long stemmed rose under the smiling supervision and approval of Sophia herself. The young girl then turns and offers the rose to the beautiful Sophia.

What happens next? Well, you will just have to splash yourself with a few drops of the Dolce & Gabbana’s perfume.. and wait for the sequel!

About the fragrance. The iconic rose, perhaps the most traditionally romantic flower, is a a recurrent motif seen throughout Dolce & Gabbana’s runway collections and the inspiration for the new scent. According to the brand: ‘The innocence of youth and the wisdom of everlasting values are echoed in the meeting between Kate and Sophia, which brings the film to a close. Transcending generations, it is a timeless encounter.

Romance, drama, la Loren, timeless beauty…all this in a three minute clip! I myself am quite curious to get a whiff of this new perfume!

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