Aceto balsamico: the liquid gold of Emilia Romagna

Aceto balsamico

Traditional balsamic vinegar is a real treat and is often liked even by those who don't like regular vinegar: produced in Emilia Romagna, it is made from cooked must, then aged at least 9 years, which makes it more precious, and therefore more expensive, than regular balsamic vinegar. 

Its flavor, tangy and sweet at the same time, is ideal paired up with a large number of ingredients and preparations: quite simply it can be used to dress a salad, but also to enhance meats and seafood, as well as cheeses like aged Parmesan. In the past few years chefs have started to use it over fruit and desserts as well: it is said to be particularly delicious when paired with strawberries, peaches and tropical fruit.  





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