Green holidays: an eco friendly vacation for those who don’t like camping

Generally based on or around a farmhouse villa, winery or castle, these are often family-run operations

Generally based on or around a farmhouse villa, winery or castle, these are often family-run operations

Long gone are the days when a vacation in touch with nature meant sleeping in a tent and cooking by the fire. Not that there is anything wrong with old school camping, but in the past few years demand has grown for a completly different –opposite– style of green vacation: hotels and resorts around Italy have invested in thorough renovations in order to offer all the best comforts and amenities while, at the same time, they want to keep a keen eye on the environment around them. The result is an array of incredible structures that bring eco sustainability to the next level, offering environmentally sound options and delightful, deluxe accommodation, from incredible mountain lodges to countryside lodges, these places are some of the best locations for a green vacation.
Lüsnerhof Naturhotel, Luson (Bolzano). A truly exceptional alpine oasis, the Lüsnerhof Naturhotel is surrounded by the dramatic and stunningly beautiful landscape of the Dolomites, quiet lush woods, pastures and mountain creeks. Built following eco friendly and self sustainability rules, the hotel is completely self sufficient from the power and heating point of views and offers its guests the opportunity of a romantic getaway to get in touch with nature. Instead of a traditional swimming pool, the Lüsnerhof Naturhotel features a small swimmable lake and gives particular importance to preparing refined and top notch dishes all with locally grown ingredients. This eco-hotel, with its deluxe old barn looks, is the ideal place for both a summer or winter vacation, as it offers the chance to hike, walk, show-shoe and ski on the premises. For more information and details:
Ca’ Virginia Country House, San Giorgio di Montecalvo (Pesaro-Urbino). Once a country farm house built in the 1400s, this stunning property in the Montefeltro area in the Marche region has been refurbished to meet the highest standards in hospitality. Thanks to its avant-garde technology, the photovoltaic system with 200 KW is one of the largest constructions in the region and supplies the entire property, including spa with sustainable energy and the hotel is proud to boost that it doesn’t produce one gram of carbon dioxide. The region is ideal for those who want to partake in cycling holidays, as it offers hundreds of kilometers of paths and trails immerse in nature and surrounded by the fresh scent of lavender, flowers and herbs. For detailed information, packages and bookings visit http:// /ca-virginia-country-house-marche-italy-p65.html
Villa Magnolia, Carovigno (Brindisi). Taking full advantage of the bright Apulian sun, Villa Magnolia uses solar thermal panels to heat all its water, purified water that comes from an artesian well filled by the rain. The well also supplies the beautiful Roman style swimming pool and Jacuzzi tub, both located in a secluded area that gurantees total privacy and relaxation. The Villa is also surrounded by gardens, fields and orchards where 100% organic produce is grown: zucchini, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, grapes, oranges, lemons, peaches, strawberries and, of course, olives, used for the on-sight  production of extra virgin olive oil. Those who enjoy food and cooking can also take complimentary cookery classes: once a week during high season guests can participate in creating their own pizza with locally grown ingredients to be then  baked in a traditional wood fire oven; other classes include learning how to prepare pasta, starters and other local favorites. At Villa Magnolia, it is also possible to indulge in relaxation massages, sports massages, reiki, aromatherapy and yoga. For more information and bookings visit:

The Agriturismo Biologico Sant'Egle, Sorano (Grosseto) is a wonderful eco-friendly, zero-impact property

Agriturismo Biologico Sant’Egle, Sorano (Grosseto). Imagine residing in an historic mansion from the 1600s, oozing ancient charm but also offering modern type amenities: the Agriturismo Biologico Sant’Egle is a wonderful eco-friendly, zero-impact property. All the energy used on site comes from renewable sources, while rain water is used for irrigation of the surrounding fields where the owners grow 100% organic fruit, vegetables and grains that are then served at the hotel’s restaurant, aptly named Organic Restaurant. Here you will find a creative menu where traditional Tuscan recipes are revised by the chef based on what is freshly available each day. The hotel can only accommodate 18 persons at a time and the restaurant only has 7 tables, so booking in advance is of key importance:  http://

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