Funny Venice: differences with other cities

Funny Venice: differences with other cities

Vaporetto in Venice

Everybody knows that in Venice there are no cars, and in order to move you need to go by food or take the “Vaporetto” which is like a bus, on water.
Kids go to school by foot (yes, even in Venice there are school.. not many but there are!)
You shop for groceries by foot (even old people) and in the free time you take your little boat instead of the car.
And what if I want to speed with my boat? We have the “barcavelox”, and you’ll receive a ticket as faster!
So, what about the other public services?
Transports arrive right at your door by boat, and then stuff is taken around by foot with carts (carried by really strong men!)
You can get gas for your boat as well as if you had a car.. and in case of emergencies you have Carabinieri, Police and Firefighters.
If you’re not well you have an ambulance, and if things go really wrong.. there are boats also for the “last trip”.
As you may imagine, the life of a Venetian goes by different rhythms than everybody elses… the air is not polluted by car exhausts, you don’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket, there are no traffic lights and you can’t get stuck in traffic.. well you can, if you go in a really narrow “calle” or during Carnival, when even the police is needed to direct tourists visting the city.
Anyway, there are lots of different ways to visit the city. Not only during the touristic paths and seasons, but also walking between the fog in winter, sunbathing at the Zattere while eating a nice ice cream, visting churches and museums, or enjoying an evening at the typical “bacari” and “osterie”. In any case, you’ll have to walk!


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