What NOT to do in Venice

Having a coffee in Saint Mark's Square may cost you 12 euros per person

Venice is not only a third class theater for tourists, it’s a real city with real inhabitants and a thousand year strong culture. Going to Venice and viewing only the touristic surface is pretty much the same thing than going to Disneyland…
Take and espresso and listen to the orchestra in Piazza San Marco? So you’re telling us that it’s cool to pay 12€ per one espresso (6 for espresso + 6 for music) when the normal price in Venice is 1€??? Seriously?
Visiting campanile di san Marco. OK… yes it’s wonderful and whatever, but campanile of San Giorgio church (on the other side of the Canal) is 3€ cheaper and there is absolutely no queue. Plus, everybody knows San Marco square, can’t we give advice on places to visit beside the most overcrowded place in Venice?
“Insiders tip, great shopping in the Rialto bridge area” Wait… WHAT? So you’re actually proposing to buy the most cheap, fake, touristic, unoriginal, and useless junk that you can find in Venice. Ok, ok I get it.. Apparently plastic made in china things are now a thing. Sorry I didn’t know that…
“Your gondola ride, touristy, but a must do a experience” Wait.. “Our private rides include a musician and serenade” Oh I get it now… you’re just trying to sell your overpriced touristic packages. Ok let’s go with that… Our personal opinion on gondola tours? The “official” price for a 30 minutes tour (without serenade) is 80€ but most tourists are overpriced, so you should be very careful on asking the price before going in, and of course with serenade the price is at least twice that. If you really want to do this experience, we suggest to find other people to come with you and share the cost. Gondolas have 6 places, so if you’re 6 instead of 2, the price per person will be 13€ instead of 40€.
Buying useless fake stuff. Seriously? Again?? What is wrong with you, why do you want to buy these obviously touristic souvenirs? Artisans’ shops are cool, but you must pay very attention for finding the real thing… Always read where the items were made.
Venice cooking class… well if you really want to do it, I guess it’s fine, you may find something good (but also fall again in another tourist trap). Anyway on food the golden rule is go where the Italians go. We like to eat well and pay less, follow us.
OK that’s enough, in the end you’ll also see how they are advertising their “luxury” travel agency.. of course with the tips they gave, you must be rich in order to afford all that.

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