A trip to Frascati

A trip to Frascati

I’ve just returned from Rome where I spent two great weeks with my 2015 Matta Roma Art & Language Group! We did so many wonderful things in the Eternal City. But it was hot! Wow! All of Italia is in the grip of a crazy heat weave. But despite the humid hot Italian summer, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Our apartment was very close to the Colosseum and we learned how to get around the city using public transportation. In fact every morning we went to school to study Italian in Via la Spezia by bus; the school was very nearby to us, and to get there we passed by the Church of San Giovanni in Laterano and admired various Roman neighborhoods. I felt like a real Roman!

The school, Scud’It can be found in a quiet part of Rome and were were warmly greeted by the wonderful teachers who work at the school. Roberto Tartaglione, the director is delightful and entertaining and we were in great company with other students from all over the world. I was very fortunate to study with Daniela Mancini, a wonderful woman and teacher. In addition to being an expert teacher of the congiuntivo tense, she has also written a book on the subject- she too is very comical and entertaining.

One evening, to avoid the heat, as the Romans do, we escaped with other students and teachers to Frascati to enjoy the fresh air out side the city. We took the train to get there -a brief trip, about half an hour – and once we arrived, Daniela greeted us at the station and showed us around “her” Frascati (she lives there). Then we drank the strong fresh white Frascati wine, and we had picnic, trying the local foods in the piazza. At sunset someone began to play his guitar and all the folks sang late into the evening.

More at http://www.studentessamatta.com/youtube-video-una-gita-a-frascati-con-da...

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