GelatiAmo, the festival celebrating the art of making gelato

GelatiAmo, the festival celebrating the art of making gelato

Some people from Belluno using the old wood machinery

In Dont di Zoldo, a small village in the province of Belluno, the event "Gelatiamo. The art of ice cream between Pelmo and Civetta" is taking place this weekend.

"Gelatiamo" is the festival of homemade ice cream, indeed it will be made as it used to be prepared, with wood machinery, hand-operated, used by the pioneers of the 19th century. Between Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening there will be tastings, games and workshops for children, a challenge to the Guinness Book of Records: last year, for instance, Dimitri Cadorin broke the previous record of one hundred balls only one cone, in less than three minutes.

In almost every village of the area, there is an ice cream shop and in many cases they are among the best ice cream stores in Italy. From Belluno to Pecol Zoldo, the secret of the true ice cream Belluno is in the ingredients. At the end of the nineteenth century in Vienna, for example, the authorities denied the license for street trading in Zoldo and Cadore, because it harmed the sellers of sweets Austrians.

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